Automatic accounting of privileged passengers

In order to conduct the accounting of preference passenger categories both POS-terminal (applied for ticketing and ticket accounting) and special contactless reader are used.

Functional modules of the POS-terminal:

  • Thermoprinter for ticket printing
  • Contactless card reader
  • Bank cards reader
  • GSM modem

POS terminal VEGA7000

POS terminal VEGA5000

User of the “Autoconductor” system can on his own will determine the types of contactless cards which POS-terminal will work with, and also can determine the algorithms of their functioning. For instance, during the process of reading a card POS-terminal might “decide” to print a preferential ticket (with discount) or issue a ticket of zero price. The information processed by POS-terminal is instantly sent to the server and becomes available to a system’s user instantly. A number of preference categories isn’t limited and users, when needed, can change types of preferences. An alternative of POS-terminal for accounting of preference passenger categories can be found in a special contactless reader. Contactless readers are connected via RS-232 interface to a managing device which is to be placed in bus.

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