Passenger flow control“Autoconductor”system

System components Demonstration(cameras)

The “Autoconductor” system is a hardware and software complex, working as a constituent of “PILOT” fleet management system, containing unique solutions allowing automation of the majority of passenger carriers’ working processes.

The project is developed with participation of motor-coach terminal managing companies and carriers who assisted us in implementing the system which is as compliant with the market demands as possible. In the project the following is accomplished:

    • Counting passengers in different types of buses built on the analysis of entering and exiting passengers;
    • The system of automatic ticket registration for city and suburb public transport;

"Passengers counting in public transport" Presentation pdf


  • The system of automatic tickets registration sold by driver on intercity trips;
  • The system of automatic registering of tickets at the non-automated remote stations;
  • The system of privileged passengers control.

The passenger flow recording system is one of the most complicated tasks at the moment. On the market you might find plenty of solutions, however the most of them are extremely ineffective. The most common solutions known are infrared sensors and electronic stares. The first one doesn’t work when there is even a slight difference between temperature inside the vehicle and in the street, also there is a common for the both solutions problem in detecting the direction of passengers’ moving and impossibility to count passengers tightly close to each other. All the problems are easily resolved by the video analysis, because the video picture has the same quality in any season of the year meaning that it’s easier to mark out from them the characteristics required for the passenger counting.

You may find additional info about every solution mentioned in the thematic sections of this website.

The Sky Electronics company, as a developer of the “Autoconductor” system expresses gratitude for the assistance in designing the system to JSC “Samara Motor-Coach Terminals and Stations”, non-profit organizations “Russian Motor Transportation Union” and “Russian bus lines”, SE YO “Yaroslavskoye ATP”

“Sky Electronics” is a Russian-based M2M solutions software developer. We offer telecommunication services long with the service based on multifunctional systems of remote control, recording and management by means of GPS and GLONASS.

We have been working since the year of 2006.

We have affiliates in each federal region of the Russian Federation.


The products of the company and brief resume:


”Multifunctional GPS/GLONASS platform for transportation monitoring and fuel control


Multifunctional solution for:

  • Video control of passenger flow;
  • Automating remote motor-coach terminals;
  • Organizing controlled ticketing inside buses;
  • Conduct online registration of the tickets sold;
  • Conduct the accounting of privileged passengers.

“Autoconductor” is integrated with 1C RISE (SAP system) and E-Autovokzal. Integration with any other systems (SAP) for terminals and stations control can be done in very short terms.


This project covers developing controlling systems of almost any type of facilities:

  • Counting visitors in malls, business-centers, shops or whatever needed.
  • Accounting products and goods on production line.


The “Logist-Navigator” is a system automating almost all kinds of logistician’s tasks such as automatic distribution of cargoes over the body of a vehicle, recounts optimal routes with respect to any possible events and emergencies facilitating the process of delivery.

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